HR-Boost provides expert services in personnel matters

HR-Boost provides HR services in Finnish and English. As an HR expert, I help your business run more efficiently and fluently. I plan, organise and develop personnel matters in accordance with business objectives in order to ensure the success of everyday operations. I help leadership and managers to solve even the most difficult situations – we work together to structure thoughts, vent emotions, find new perspectives and different options.

Through HR processes and activities, we create high levels of employee motivation, commitment, competence and workplace enjoyment. Employee performance is directly related to customer satisfaction and company success. Superior skills and work community skills influence the work community’s performance and employee engagement. Instead of just regulatory compliance or basic level activities, it is worthwhile to organise personnel matters even in a small company in a manner that they bring added value and serve the company in the best possible way.

Small companies

Save time and effort by choosing HR-Boost! Focus on your core competencies. Harness HR activities to serve the business and ensure that they are compliant and appropriate.

Growing companies

By choosing HR-Boost, you are guaranteed structure and quality in personnel management as your company grows. Take advantage of new and external insights. As your company grows, it pays off to evaluate how HR activities would better serve its objectives.

Big companies

Choose HR-Boost and ease your workload during peak periods with an extra pair of hands! Make use of expert help quickly and effortlessly.

HR-Boost can help you in the following situations

We need a new employee.

It would be helpful to have a clear onboarding process to make the start smoother and easier for the new employee.

Could a refresher session be organised for our managers regarding annual leave, working time, and health and safety responsibility issues?

We don’t have a clearly compiled personnel instructions or an intranet. We would like to have all data in one place, available to everyone.

It would be helpful to have the guidelines translated into English. This way, those who operate in English, would feel more like a part of the work community and also have access to relevant data.

We would like to organise a recreational event for our employees, but we do not have the time to organise it.

In my managerial role, I would need sparring and someone I could confidentially talk to about personnel issues.

There is an explosive situation in one of our teams, and we are looking for ways to resolve it. An external and impartial mediator could be the best option.

It might be a good idea to examine our current personnel benefits and HR service partners, and to check whether the overall package needs improvement. It could be worthwhile to shop for some benefits or service providers.