HR-Boosti - Ryhtiä, rotia ja rullaavuutta henkilöstöasioihin

Does your company need a boost, expert help or fresh perspectives in personnel matters? HR-Boost provides HR expertise to companies of all sizes.

Structure, sleekness and smoothness in personnel matters

I am human resources expert Suvi Matinlauri, and my company HR-Boost Ltd provides expert services to companies in Finnish and English. As an HR expert, I help your business run more efficiently and fluently. I plan, organise and develop personnel matters in accordance with business objectives in order to ensure the success of everyday operations. I help leadership and managers to solve even the most difficult situations – we work together to structure thoughts, vent emotions, and to find new perspectives and different options.

HR-Boost helps your company in the following personnel matters, among others


Writing and publishing job announcements, pre-screening job applications

  • Thought-out and attractive job posting improves the image and marketing of employers.
  • Pre-screening of job applications saves time and effort.


Creating and developing the onboarding process. Naming the induction areas and responsibilities

  • A good start engages and motivates the newcomer.
  • The employee quickly returns value for money.


Advice in employment issues and employment regulations, training of managers.

  • Basic knowledge of employment issues and regulations enables sustainable and high-quality management of human capital.
  • At the same time, we prevent business risks and escalation of situations.

Discussion partner

Confidential discussion partner for leadership and managers.

  • We work together to structure thoughts, vent emotions and to find new perspectives and different options.

Conflict mediation

Conflict situations.

  • A trained mediator is able to handle conflict mediation in an equitable and respectful manner.
  • An external mediator has a more objective point of view than an internal mediator.
  • Sense of community, workplace atmosphere, wellbeing at work, and motivation improve.
  • Improved collaboration and spending time on relevant issues will enhance and streamline the organisation’s operations.
  • The quicker we tackle the problems, the quicker they get solved.

Plans and policies

Creating and developing statutory personnel plans and policies.

  • Planning and executing HR activities in accordance with business objectives has a positive effect on financial performance.
  • Cooperation between the employer and employees intensifies.
  • Operations are developed systematically and consistently.
  • Statutory employer obligations are fulfilled.

Internal communication

Internal communication and personnel instructions.

  • A smooth flow of information to all employees creates a good workplace atmosphere, a good team spirit and commitment.
  • Employees are motivated.
  • Clear instructions promote smooth and consistent operations and save time.

Safety at work

Health and safety at work.

  • The work atmosphere and wellbeing of employees improve, people are satisfied and motivated at work, and the number of sick leaves decreases – the productivity and competitiveness of the company improve. The image of the employer becomes stronger.
  • Statutory employer obligations are fulfilled.

Tenders and bidding

Shopping for employee benefits and HR service partners.

  • Choosing the right benefits and partners serves the company’s goals, engages and motivates employees, and enhances the image of the employer.
  • Save time and effort in the bidding process.


The values guiding the operations of HR-Boost are quality and reliability, and respect for the customer.

Quality and reliability

HR-Boost operates professionally, ethically and confidentially. HR-Boost keeps its promises.

Respect for the customer

HR-Boost is genuinely interested in the customer. We are involved in the customer’s everyday business, and the activities are flexible depending on the needs of the customer.