The story of HR-Boost

HR-Boost Ltd began operation in the spring of 2020

The name of HR-Boost refers to encouragement, enhancement and support. As an HR expert, I help your business run more efficiently and smoothly.

My background

This girl from Northern Ostrobothnia left her hometown with ambitious development goals regarding the whole society. Reality struck during the first year at university: One person can do a lot, but it is better to expand one’s efforts to the people around oneself and not the whole world. Thus, a student of Public Policy became a student of Human Resource Management.

After my graduation (MSM), I have helped companies organise everyday personnel matters in an efficient and appropriate manner. I have found my passion! I have worked as an HR generalist in a 15-person start-up company, in a 40-person company belonging to a global enterprise and an enterprise consisting of 350 people altogether.

These companies operate in the fields of IT, marketing and technical services. Even though industries and company sizes have varied, many things in people and HR processes have stayed the same. People are infinitely interesting!

I study human nature also in my spare time, as I mediate criminal and civil disputes as a trained volunteer mediator. Competence in mediation has also helped in different work community conflicts and their mediation.

The idea of founding my own company arose in 2017 when I wanted to take the next step in my career. I observed that companies, of less than 50 employees in particular, would benefit from a project-based, external HR expert. Even when small companies do not yet need a fulltime in-house HR specialist, they need expertise in managing HR processes in a meaningful and value-added way.